Spoken from the Experienced Heart

It is with my sincerest gratitude to these lovely souls that I share their experiences while working with me. The work I do is difficult to describe in words and can’t be put into a box for our understanding. It is more than energy healing. It is much more than Reiki. It is my unique technique that allows full healing and transformation to take place. 

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“Holly is an excellent practitioner using many ways to help one on their healing journey. I would recommend her to anyone looking for guidance, healing. As someone who lost my son suddenly in 2017 she has helped me in so many incredible ways.”


Rhonda W.

“Looking back at our experience when I came for a Reiki session and when you hit my solar plexus it sparked emotion about my sister being sick from 2016 and I started breathing heavy and crying and you helped me being awareness to that part of me I was blocking. Looking back at that moment today, I truthfully think I wouldnt feel this free and in control of my body and emotions. 

I don’t think I’d be pregnant or come to a solution to my gut issues (dairy allergy) if it wasn’t for that moment. And I just want to thank you! It’s opened up a whole new world to me even though I thought I had it down packed 

I’ve never felt better internal and externally! I’ve felt more powerful and that moment we had during that Reiki session I blame for it”



“This serves as a strong recommendation for Holly Seamone as a professional Reiki Master and Practioner. I began seeing Holly in fall of 2019, first as a social worker who offered support and then moved on to Reiki in person and then distance healing. I was diagnosed as PTSD a year before I started working with Holly. We built a strong relationship in the beginning. From there I told her my story and as a good social worker she validated my early experiences of many abuses, that included cultural shaming. In this time I began to understand many of my traumas, and worked through them. I gained knowledge of what intergenerational trauma is about and healed my generational trauma on both the female and male histories. It was a very sad journey at times, And at the end saw how these trauma lead me to do many actions to bring my own heartache about. And then after many months of work with Holly, I can see and appreciate my own resilience and my ancestors strong belief systems which I never forgot. Today I realize and am grateful that I am a different woman then I was when I began to work with Holly. I wish all the best is starting your own journeys. We as women will raise the morality and responsibility to make the world a better place for the present and future generations!”


Yours in  Sisterhood Muriel.

“I had two sessions with Holly: first a reiki virtual session and some months later a card reading session, and my gratitude to her is enormous.
It was my first time receiving reiki from afar – and I mean, she is in Canada and I was in my bed in Peru! – and I still find unbelievable all the things that happened in that session.
We talked on the phone prior and after, and though for the energy healing part I was alone resting, I felt held by her presence. I felt my energy field warm and moving, as if at an in-person session. That was so fascinating! Energetically, there was for me a “before and after” that session, as I had been carrying an inexplicable fear that I no longer have. But even more beautiful was how she channeled important information for me, that led me to life changing decisions. I trust and recommend Holly wholeheartedly. You can feel her integrity and commitment to be present with all that is you when you are with her, and also her curiosity and openness to observe or receive anything that could be of value to you and your healing process.”


-Marianne T. F.

“Holly is a gifted practitioner and will not disappoint”


-Joleen L.

I cannot wait to go back again!!!!!!!!!!


-Tiffany J.


I have used many different modalities to find health and restore balance in my life and few attempts were quite as meaningful as my reiki session with Holly. I was surprised, full of different types of energy throughout the session and felt extremely held by her guidance. 


Her intuitive nature led me to draw, meditate and journal throughout my session which would lead to many synchronies within the channeling of energy we would discuss after my session. 

Holly exudes passion and so much knowledge within alternative healing and energy work. She created a space for me to feel safe, understood and comfortable (even from a distance) and has unboxed a layer of myself I did not know existed. 

Gratitude and appreciation do not suffice. I would recommend Holly as a Reiki practitioner to anyone looking to uncover and begin healing emotional or physically. 

Thank you , thank you , thank you SOOOOO much 


Natalia B.