Full Reiki Healing


This is for anyone looking for a safe place where you can rest, relax, release and de-stress for a little while you receive a full 90 minutes of reiki with the use of crystals.  I also incorporate some plant medicine, essential oils and use other tools such as oracle cards, Tibetan singing bowls as well as color therapy.

I offer a safe place to ground and center, a place to re-align and connect to your higher self, spirt guides, angels, and ancestors.  I offer a place to feel held, connected, nurtured, and understood. I remove energy blocks that can be held in the body and I can help you gain clarity and understanding around the things that may be causing you pain. I cut energetic cords and I also clear physical spaces at times as well. I offer a sacred space, held with honour, integrity, compassion, and love. I offer you a place to begin again, where you will feel grounded, ready, and able to go out into the world, shining your light a little brighter.  I hold space for spirt, the angels and the Divine to work through me to offer what ever you may need in the moment. I hold space for the releasing of what no longer serves you and the healing of old wounds. I offer a place of authenticity where you are fully accepted as you are with no advice given.

I find it hard to articulate what happens during a healing session because the possibilities are limitless. Each session is unique to the individual and what they are needing in that moment. My process of grounding, clearing, praying prior to a session is the same but no two sessions are the same!

I offer consultation prior to your reiki session, debriefing after your session as well as a follow up check in within the next few days. This helps guide the reiki session as well as allows you to feel heard and supported in your journey. These healing sessions are also done from the comfort of your home or wherever you are located at the time of your session. All that is required is an open heart.



The full 90 minute healing experience


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