Introductory Session

30 Minutes for $30

Experience profound healing and get to know my intuitively guided unique healing technique.



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This is for someone who feels confident to take the next step in their healing journey with me but are first wanting to experience the beautiful healing energy of reiki. During this mini healing session, we will take a peek at your energetic body, your chakras and your physical body. This offering includes a card chosen specifically for you and your mini session as well as a complimentary check in the days ahead via phone or text. This can all be done remotely from the comfort of your home.

Session 30 minutes for $30

Holly is such a great practitioner as she is knowledgeable about many things and uses the best of them in her sessions. She is caring, intelligent and very good at what she does, a really great Reiki practitioner. She obviously takes great care in her practice that she offers to her clients. She is also a very good friend and anyone who can say they are her friend is very fortunate because she puts just as much care into her professional practice as she does her relationships.

Donna M.